William Trubridge: 102m CNF

Will Trubridge's World Record attempt to reach a depth of 102m on a single breath.
On the 16th December 2010, William Trubridge broke the CNF World Record at Dean’s Blue Hole in the Bahamas. He dove to a depth of 101m (331.36ft) on a single breath, using only his arms and legs to propel him. 2 days before, he had set a new record, 100m at the same site, and became the first man to reach a depth of 100m without the assistance of a rope or fins.

On 3 December 2014 NZDST (2 December in the Bahamas), as part of the Vertical Blue 2014 competition, Trubridge attempted to break that record with the world watching, and while he didn’t succeed, he brought freediving to the general public in the most amazing way possible.

Insights from Dean’s Blue Hole

Moss Burmester, New Zealand Olympian and Commonwealth gold medalist in butterfly, retired from competitive swimming to enjoy his spearfishing and freediving. He is at Dean’s Blue Hole as part of the Safety team, and is giving us insights into the goings on at Vertical Blue 2014 as part of his trip around the world. Full posts on his observations at VB2014 can be found at his website, MossBurmester.co.nz and his adventures around the world are at Four Jandals.

From Moss:

“Hectic first day, still writing part two as you will read, and today was also long and full on with setting up comp area/platform, safety team drills/practices, safetying some of the competitors who were training, and registration/briefing.”

I’m new to the sport of freediving and don’t think I really realized what