Guest Posts

Insights from around the world.

We at Freediving New Zealand are fortunate to have freedivers write their reflections and insights on competition for us. Below are entries from divers of all experiences and nationalities.

A Guide to a Freediver’s First Competition – Daron Joseph

Daron Joseph, a swim instructor and freediver from Newcastle, NSW, attended the Pan Pacific Championships as his first freediving competition. Daron has written up his reflections on his first competition, what he learnt, and what he plans to work on for future...

CWT Comp Day – Fran Rose

    It's 4:50am here. Official competition day I can feel the wind from my yoga mat beside the hotel pool. I think it's going to be rough out there today. If conditions get bad ie: the rescue boat/platform is being thrown around and filling with water the competition...

Insights from Cyprus Pt 1 – Fran Rose

Fran Rose, a long standing pillar of freediving in New Zealand and Australia: past competitor, coach, mentor, organiser and judge, went to the Depth World Championships in Cyprus as a JIL (judge in learning). After an unfortunate incident in a dive before the WC...

The finals wrap-up

The competition is now over; a successful one for me with a 7th place finish in dynamic without fins and 12th place with fins. My no fins dive went really quite well in the final, despite nerves. I set a new competition best performance of 175m, coming up pretty cl